Our Mission is to provide our clients with professional, accurate, relevant and sustainable health & safety solutions.

Our Vision is to be leaders in the field of occupational health & safety.

We Value strict client confidentiality, strong moral principles, and ethical business practices.


At Grand River Occupational Health & Safety Inc. we work with businesses to create, manage, train and help understand regulatory compliance in all areas of workplace health and safety.

Our experienced and trained, in-house safety team, will work with you by providing on-site health & safety staff, training employees, safety consulting and safety program development. Grand River OHS is well versed in all regulatory compliance requirements and will customize safety programs for your specific application.

At Grand River Occupational Health & Safety Inc. we provide a level of professionalism, quality, and ethics in all of our daily work practices, in adherence with our company mission, vision, and values.

Speaking Engagements

Grand River Occupational Health & Safety Inc., offers guest speaking services for your next safety symposium, conference or company safety campaign.

We offer presentations, workshops, and seminars on a wide variety of workplace health & safety issues, customized to your event.

For further information please contact Grand River OHS.

Staff Bios

Wes Mazur
Senior Vice President, Safety Services
Wes is a former WSIB Workwell Evaluator and also a former Safe Advantage Auditor and regulatory Safety Enforcement Officer with the Workers’ Safety and Compensation Commission of the Northwest Territories and Nunavut. Wes is also an instructor at Conestoga College, and speaks nationally at various health and safety conferences and events. With more than 15 years of experience in various management, consulting, specialist and enforcement roles of occupational health and safety, Wes leads the GROHS team to offer our clients with solutions to meet today’s ever-changing health and safety requirements.
Kevin Murphy
Health & Safety Consultant
Kevin is a detail-oriented, proactive Health & Safety Consultant with experience monitoring compliance and conducting inspections in the Automotive, Construction and Industrial sectors. Kevin conducts thorough and objective inspections, utilizing his keen observation skills to determine root cause to develop preventative measures for accident avoidance. He uses his knowledge and ability to sift through the Occupational Health & Safety Act and applicable regulations to make consistent and sound decisions and recommendations at all times. Kevin is also a First Aid Instructor.
Ashley Borden
Health & Safety Consultant

Ashley is a proactive and detail-oriented Health & Safety Consultant with experience conducting inspections of various sites in the Automotive and Industrial sectors.  Ashley conducts thorough inspections, utilizing past work experiences and keen observational skills to determine root cause and develop preventative measures for accident avoidance. Ashley uses her knowledge and ability to reference the Occupational Health & Safety Act and applicable regulations to make consistent and sound decisions and recommendations at all times.  Ashley worked in various safety roles during her 10 years at a tier 1 automotive manufacturer, including being the Lead Safety Representative in the Assembly Department as well as an HR Health and Safety Specialist.  Ashley is a skilled communicator and presenter through her experience creating, implementing and delivering various training programs. 

Paul Van Heertum
Associate Senior Health & Safety Consultant

Paul is a former Ministry of Labour (MOL) Inspector of the Construction program and was the MOL’s former Lead Crane Expert. Paul holds a Certificate of Qualification for both tower cranes and mobile cranes, and in addition, Paul is also a civil engineering technologist. This wealth of knowledge and experience enables Paul to assist clients in any sector to understand their health and safety obligations and create innovative solutions.

Mike McGillis
Health & Safety Consultant

Mike brings 12 years of construction experience including a Master Builder License, coupled with being a former Gas Safety Technician posted at a large steel mill. He carries experience at automotive and renewable energy projects as well. His hands-on approach with clients aids his ability to assist clientele to optimize their compliance with Safety Legislation.

Gibson (Gib) McIlwarth
Senior Health & Safety Consultant

Gib is a highly experienced and qualified safety professional skilled in many aspects of safety program management within the construction (industrial, commercial, institutional and residential), and industrial industries. Gib has 25 years of experience with the Ontario Ministry of Labour as well as teaching at Conestoga College, and has strong interpersonal, communication, negotiation and conflict resolution skills. He is a proactive and detail-oriented professional with proven skills in compliance with safety management plans and reduction of injuries and downtime

Justin Bower AEMCA, NFPA 1001, NFPLA 1002

Justin brings to the team a varied background in Emergency Response. For the last 14 years, Justin has been involved in providing emergency response for hazardous materials incidents, technical rope rescue standby services, emergency medical response, as well as professional fire and emergency services for the City of Toronto. Justin has a passion for ongoing training and employee development and is eager to assist clients and co-workers in achieving their highest level of competence to effectively do their jobs.

Over the last several years, Justin has been immersing himself into the world of proactive response in the form of the Canadian Registered Safety Professional certification program. He strongly and passionately believes addressing Health and Safety proactively through awareness, training, and effective policy creation can have a hugely successful impact on the overall wellness of the worker.

Safa Qoussini
Training & Development/Consultant

Safa is a passionate occupational health and safety professional, trainer, and consultant. Her work in various industries and fields, combined with her strong technical skills, leadership, team management, and ability to learn are adaptable and transferrable to any type of business. Safa works with our clients to develop and implement innovative training and safety solutions.

Julie Veugen
Office Coordinator / Jr. Safety Consultant

Julie is an experienced health and safety and ergonomics consultant with a demonstrated history of working in healthcare settings, automotive manufacturing and oil & gas. Julie holds an Honours Health Studies, B.Sc focused in Applied Health Sciences from University of Waterloo. She is passionate and skilled in ergonomics, health and safety, technical report writing and developing effective and comprehensive safety solutions.